Our purpose is to provide an environment that will:

  • Nurture and stimulate the development of the whole child.
  • Increase each child's knowledge and understanding of God.
  • Surround each child with the feeling of God's presence in themselves, others and creation.
  • Encourage each child to actively participate in Catholic Christian life by loving God and sharing God's love with others


Our curriculum will promote emotional, social, creative, physical, cognitive and spiritual development through
  • A structured yet flexible classroom routine
  • A balance of self-selected and teacher directed activities
  • A wide variety of materials and meaningful, learning play centers
  • Classroom and community prayer experiences as well as outreach projects

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Our emphasis will be on developmentally appropriate, experiential education that is safe, satisfying and fun for children in order to promote an eagerness for life-long learning and Catholic Christian living.

Important Announcements & Dates:

2017-18 Enrollment: Pre-registration for the 2017-18 school year is complete and all classes are full at this time. A child's name can be placed on the waiting list by submitting a Request for Enrollment form. Click here for a request form. If you have questions, contact Tammy Myers, Preschool Director at 515-223-4577 or

2017-18 Final Registration: Final registration information and materials will be sent to pre-registered families via email in mid-June. Completed final registration forms and first month's tuition will be due by the end of July.
2017-18 Back to School Dates:
Thursday, August 31 - Parent Night, 7pm; Parish Hall
Tuesday, September 5 - Pre-K and Growing Learner Visit Day (specific times TBA with final registration email)
Wednesday, September 6 - Pre-K First Day of School and Little Learners Visit Day (LL times TBA with final registration email)
Thursday, September 7 - Growing Learner First Day of School
Friday, September 8 - Little Learner First Day of School


Session Time Information:

Classes for the Little Learners (children must be 2 yrs. old by Jan. 1 of year enrollment is desired) are held on Wednesday and Friday mornings form 8:35-11:05 am. Classes for the Growing Learners (children must be 3 yrs. old by Sept. 15 of year enrollment is desired) are held on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays (morning session 8:35-11:05 am & afternoon session 12:20-2:50 pm). Classes for the Pre-Kindergarten Learners (children must be 4 yrs old by Sept. 15 of year enrollment is desired) are held Monday through Thursday (morning session 8:30-11:15 am & afternoon session 12:15-3 pm).



For 2016-17 a non-refundable registration fee of $135.00 per child will be collected upon accepting an enrollment offering. 2016-17 tuition is $142.00 per month for the Little Learners program, $168.00 per month for the Growing Learners program and $230.00 for the Pre-Kindergarten Learners program. Tuition is due monthly. Families with multiple children enrolled in the program will receive a discount on monthly tuition for their second and/or third, etc. child currently enrolled as determined by the St. Francis Board of Education each year. St. Francis Preschool will honor the tuition reduction benefit for children of St. Francis parish staff and Diocese of Des Moines staff as applicable. (2017-18 costs are $150.00 non-refundable registration fee; $147/month for Little Learners; $172/month for Growing Learners; $235/month for Pre-K Learners).

Note: Enrollment at St. Francis of Assisi Preschool is not related to enrollment at St. Francis of Assisi School or vice versa. No prioritization is given to those enrolled in one program for admittance in the other.