FISH/Lifeteen (Grades 9-12)

"St. Francis High School Faith Formation is the response of the Christian community to the needs of young people and the sharing of the unique gifts of youth with the larger community."


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9th - 12th Grade Students - Important Information

Welcome to our High School Faith Formation program here at St. Francis. The title FISH stands for ( “Fellowship In Spirit with Him”)  and was created by our high school students eight years ago.  We meet on Wednesday evenings to present the Catholic Faith in a non- classroom format, making the faith relevant to teens today, while helping to build a strong community here at our parish.  Life Teen is the program we utilize for faith formation. It is one of the programs recommended by our Des Moines Diocese and Bishop Richard Pates. Life Teen is our program of choice, because it provides a well- rounded four year curriculum opportunity, for our high school students as well as an excellent two year process for preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation which begins in the students 9th grade year, and ends with Confirmation in the spring of their 10th grade year. Our program offers three types of Nights within a four week period:   Each month there are two catechetical nights which cover our 16 sessions on preparation for Confirmation using an RCIA model for faith formation.  A Social Night, which will help build Catholic Christian community and friendships through relational ministry while having fun, and an Issue Night which will deal with specific issues, and hot topic subjects that our teens face in their everyday world (for example;  gossip, dating, drinking, chastity, life issues, going to prom, vocations etc.)  Wednesday nights at FISH follow the flow of the Mass:  Gather, Proclaim, Break, Send. The Break out session is where our students go into small group facilitated by Adult Core Team Leaders.  It is really outstanding.Our program begins each Wednesday with Social, in the School Cafeteria at 6:30pm. with social, snacks, Pizza, and great conversation. All our students are encourage to attend.  FISH  begins promptly at 7:15 in the School Gym, and ends with Prayer and blessing at 8:45pm.  Our students should enter and leave by way of the doors marked on the East side of the North parking lot marked School Gym and Cafeteria. Part of our expectations for Confirmation Preparation (which takes two years) is that Dowling Catholic students attend eight times on their Catechetical nights per year, and our Public school students attend 12 times per year. (Their eight catechetical nights and four other evenings of choice) The 9th grade Confirmation curriculum is offered on the first Wednesday of each month, and the 10th grade curriculum is offered the second Wednesday of each month. It is our sincere hope, because of the quality of the program, that all students will wish to participate every week, when their very busy schedules allow.  In other words you are “All” invited to the table, each and every week. Attendance is taken during the break out small group sessions each week. This year, we have 20 adults serving as Adult Core Team Members along with at least 15 High school students in our Student Core Team. Our Student Core team meets the Second Sunday of each month in the youth room following our 11:15am Mass under the direction of Christy Reaves. We believe that St. Francis of Assisi parish offers an outstanding youth ministry program.  We look at our FISH program as the foundation, but we also provide many other opportunities for our students to participate in all eight components of High School Faith Formation recommended by the Catholic Bishops of America. Here is just list of some of our opportunities you can be involved in:Service:  Trinity Methodist Service Project, Summer Mission Trip in July, Faith in Action Spring Break, Beggars Night for Food.Leadership:  Student and Adult Core team:Social:  Summer Bowling, Movies, Area Sporting Events, concerts,  Game Nights.Retreats: NCYC, Des Moines Diocesan Youth Conference, Liturgy: LoL; ChoirRomans vs. Christians –“The Game” And much more:
Our motto is “Be Christ to Everyone, and See Christ to Everyone!    

Opportunities for Involvement

  • Faith In Action - Spring Break
  • Adult Advisory Committee
  • Christian Leadership Institute
  • Live Night/Dinner & LifeTeen
  • NCYC 2017
  • Catholic Youth Conference
  • Retreats
  • FISH Team
  • Romans & Christians
  • Workshops
  • Youth Advisory Committee
  • Youth Rally
  • Politics, Technology
  • Leadership or Intern positions

Deb Barry

High School Faith Formation Director
515-223-4577 ext. 103

Lisa Corwin

High School Faith Formation Assistant
515-223-4577 ext. 163