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Upcoming events 

The Scrutinies   
Sundays March 19, 26, April 2
8am Mass

We celebrate the scrutinies on the third, fourth and fifth Sundays of Lent. A scrutiny is a rite of self-searching and repentance.  It is a time for those to be baptized at the Easter vigil – and for our entire community – to look at our lives under the light of the Gospel.

The scrutinies demonstrate the growing intensity of Lent, the season of purification and enlightenment.  They are opportunities for each of us to spend some time reflecting on the question, "What obstacles to gospel living exist in my life?"

The scrutinies include special readings selected by the Church for those to be baptized, including the gospel stories of the Samaritan woman at the well, the man born blind, and the raising of Lazarus.

A scrutiny includes a special prayer addressed to Christ, asking him to drive out the power of evil and replace it with the Holy Spirit.  The prayer addresses the first person of the Trinity, concludes with a prayer to Jesus, and includes an imposition or extension of hands over the Elect for the invocation of the Holy Spirit.

The Triduum     
Holy Thursday, 7pm
Good Friday, 7pm
Easter Vigil, 8pm

Come celebrate the summit of the Liturgical Year: the Easter Triduum, celebrated from the evening of Holy Thursday to the evening of Easter Sunday. Though chronologically three days, they are liturgically one day unfolding for us the unity of Christ's Paschal Mystery.

The single celebration of the Triduum marks the end of Lent, and leads to the evening Mass of the Resurrection of the Lord at the Easter Vigil on April 15. This year at St. Francis of Assisi, four adults will be baptized, six will be received into the full communion of the Catholic Church, and all will be confirmed and receive Eucharist for the first time. Catholic Christians at the Mass will also renew our baptismal vows.

All are invited to attend a reception following Mass in the parish hall. Come join in the celebration as we welcome our new Catholics and parish family members!

Becoming Catholic Inquiry Sessions   
Thursdays 7 - 8:30pm
June 8 and 22
July 13 and 27
St. Clare Room

Curious about the Catholic faith? Open to becoming a Catholic Christian? Want to grow in discipleship and in relationship with Jesus? Come and see!
  • Hear faith stories
  • Meet other inquirers
  • Ask questions
  • Learn about resources
  • No long-term commitment required
  • Attend any or all sessions
For more information, contact Faye Akers at (515) 222-7337 or

Past events

Praying through the Mass

In Sept 2016, Fr. Ray McHenry and Kim Mandelkow, Director of Worship for the Diocese of Des Moines, celebrated the Feast of the Archangels with Eucharist and taught about the things we use in the Mass,the parts of the Mass, historical and scriptural background of the Mass and what we bring to the Mass through our full, conscious, and active participation.

View and print the handout.
View Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of the video.

Grace, Love, and the Nitty-Gritty

In August 2016, Dr. Matt and Stacy Halbach shared their experiences of marriage and family life in light of Pope Francis' recent document, "The Joy of Love." Their witness highlighted the important role of grace, the need for mercy and forgiveness, and the joy that comes with embracing the messiness of marriage. 

View and print the presentation slides.
Watch Part 1 or Part 2 of the video.

Church History: 30AD to Present

Three-week series on Church History offered during April 2016, with Jason Collins, M. A. Click here for an overview of the sessions. Click here to view photos from the sessions on our parish Facebook page.

Session 1 (30AD - 476AD), looks at two overarching themes: the growth of the Church and how the Church conquered Rome.
View and print the handouts.
Watch Part 1 or Part 2 of the video.

Session 2 (476AD - 1350AD), themes include the Church fractures and the crusades.
View and print the handouts.
Watch Part 1 or Part 2 of the video.

Session 3 (1350AD - present), covers the Reformation and how the Church spreads throughout the world.
View and print the handouts.
Watch Part 1 or Part 2 of the video.

Walk Through the Mass

On November 19, 2015, Fr. Ray McHenry presented a Walk through the Mass, to teach about what we do in Mass, what we use in Mass, and why we do what we do, including some of the historical and Scriptural basis for the Mass.

  • View and print the handout, "Order of the Mass."
  • Watch Part 1 of the presentation.
  • Watch Part 2 of the presentation.
  • Watch Part 3 of the presentation.

From Francis to Francis: What the Pope Learns from the Saint about God's Creation

On October 20, 2015, St. Ambrose University professor of theology, Fr. Robert Grant, PhD, presented an evening of reflection on Pope Francis' environmental encyclical, Laudato Si.