The Leadership Council at St. Francis is comprised of the following councils and committees. See information at the bottom of the page regarding annual discernment for the Pastoral Council, Faith Formation Council, and Board of Education.

Pastoral Council

Pastoral Council Representative: Rob Manning

The Pastoral Council studies the life and mission of the church, explores the ideas and needs of the parishioners as to its conformity with the Gospel, and recommends policies and programs with a vision for the future.

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Finance Council

Finance Council Representative: Mike Brinker

The Finance Council – working with the Pastor, staff and Pastoral Council – establishes the parish budget and allocates funds for programs and operations.

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Board of Education

Board of Education Representative: Jeremy Masterson

The Board of Education addresses the educational needs of the entire parish community: adults, youth and children.

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Faith Formation Council

Faith Formation Representative: Nicole Saegh

The Faith Formation Council plans, promotes and advocates for the lifelong formation in faith of all members of the Catholic community.

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Safe & Secure Committee

The Safe & Secure Committee oversees & addresses all safety needs and concerns for the parish.

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Liturgy Committee

Liturgy Committee Representative: Emily Schmid

The Liturgy Committee initiates and coordinates the celebration of liturgy and the spiritual growth of parish members.

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Building & Grounds Committee

Building & Grounds Committee Representative: Larry Richards

The Building & Grounds Committee oversees operations and maintenance of the property and buildings.

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2021 Discernment Process

Pastoral Council, Faith Formation Council, and Board of Education

It is time to complete our annual discernment process for Pastoral Council, Faith Formation Council, and Board of Education.

All councils have 9 members with staggered terms. Each year, 3 new members are discerned for each group.
Please prayerfully consider submitting your name or the name of someone you feel would be called to these important ministries. A discernment packet is available below.

An informational meeting will be held on Sunday, March 28th at 1 p.m. in the Serra Room. Discernment will take place on Saturday, April 17th at 10 a.m. in the Serra Room.

2021 Discernment Packet