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GATHER elements are a way for us to join together as the community of St. Francis to celebrate and learn about our Catholic faith. They include Together in Faith for Households, for Adults, and Worship events, Sunday Gospel reflections and the SFA Encounter.

His mercy endures forever.  –Psalm 118

Past Months –Link to activities and replays from previous months

Together in Faith for Households

Together in Faith for Households is for everyone! Whether single, married, kids or no kids. It is a time for everyone in the home! It takes place on the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 6:30-7:30p.m.​* The next edition is April 14.

Unbury your Alleluia!! Bring your Alleluia along as you participate in the Liturgy of the Light Celebration. Join us in the church on Wednesday, April 14. This gathering parallels portions of the Easter Vigil. It begins in darkness and turns our attention to the Easter Candle and the symbols that are placed upon it as we look toward Christ’s victory over death and how he lives in us. This is a beautiful way for the entire family to prepare all of your hearts and minds to celebrate the Easter season. Due to the format of the evening, we will not be live-streaming or recording this event.

Did you miss the March edition? Watch the a replay of the Teaching Mass.

Together in Faith for Adults

We have finished with our Together in Faith sessions for adults for this year.

Did you miss the January session? View the replay here.

Together in Faith Worship

We have finished with our Together in Faith Worship sessions for this year.

Did you miss the March Edition Stations of the Cross? Watch the replay!

Good News

Spending time in prayer with the readings before Mass will significantly reinforce your comprehension of and provide an opportunity to reflect on the Word of the Lord as it is proclaimed. Whether you begin with a literal read, listening to a podcast, or watching a video reflection, you open your heart to a deeper dive with our Lord. Go to https://bible.usccb.org/  to find the Scriptures for not only Sunday, but for every day. Also, check out one of the weekly Sunday Gospel reflections​ below.

April 11-Divine Mercy

April 18

Want to revisit a reflection from past weeks? Children and adult reflections are here. Teen reflections through Easter Sunday are here.

SFA Encounter

Stay connected with other Together in Faith households by completing an activity and sharing on the private Facebook group. Don’t have Facebook? Email to Heather Rohe and she can add it for you.

April-It has been quite the year! The Faith Formation Office has learned so much since we started planning and implementation of Together in Faith in August. We are wondering about your experience, too. Below are some prompts. Choose what speaks to you and let us know your thoughts as you reflect on this past year.

  • A faith-related victory my family experienced this year  . . .
  • A struggle my family had with Together in Faith . . .
  • My kids taught me . . .
  • Our family is bearing fruit . . .
  • . . . was out of my comfort zone!
  • . . . was fun!
  • Our family is grateful  . . .
  • I didn’t know . . .
  • Our family grew in our love of Scripture . . .
  • I saw God move . . .