TIF Grow


We invite households to GROW in their faith by completing 2-3 activities from below that reinforce the month’s theme. Please choose the activities that appeal to your household members.

January’s Theme: Holy Families, Imperfect Families

Scripture: Love never fails. –1 Corinthians 13:8(a)

Past Months –Link to activities and replays from previous months

This month’s activities are based on the “7 Keys to Christ-Centered Living” listed on the Magnet in your take-away bag!

Offer a prayer at mealtime

Pray before every meal, every day with these 10 Prayers Before Meals – Short, Simple, Beautiful!

Receive the Holy Eucharist for strength and nourishment

Commit to participating in mass every week whether you are in town or traveling out of town.

Read God’s word

Before going to Mass read the readings for the day so you can more fully participate in the liturgy.

  • Check out the daily & Sunday readings on the USCCB website.
  • Watch a reflection on the Sunday Gospel under the Good News section (available for Children, Teens & Adults)

Commit to faith, hope and love

Learn about faith, hope and love–symbols of our faith–so you can live them out in your daily life.

Reach out to help someone in need

Be aware of the needs of others so you can offer assistance.

  • Hang the chalk board in your take-away bag. Encourage everyone to add prayer intentions to the board. Gather daily as a household to pray for these intentions.

Share your story

Share how you, as a disciple, are growing in your faith. The SFA Encounter topic on the Together in Faith Gather page is a simple way to share your faith journey with your faith family.

Sanctify daily duties

Offer up each moment to God.

  • Read Do Something Beautiful for God by Mother Teresa included in your take-away bag. Read one short thought today. Ponder it, act upon it and offer it up to God.