Interior of Saint Francis church; view of pews, altar, cross, and starry ceiling

About the Council

The Pastoral Council participates with the pastor in the making of policy decisions relative to the spiritual and temporal well-being of the parish. It is a vehicle for fulfilling the pastoral mission of the parish by nourishing growth among the parish family, by sharing spiritual gifts and talents, and by encouraging quality relationships among all members of the parish, and between the parish and the civic and world community.

The council studies the life and missions of the church, researches the needs, ideas, hopes and activities of the people of God, evaluates parish life as to its conformity with the Gospel, and recommends policies and programs with a vision for the future.

The council accomplishes its mission through its various standing committees: Worship and Spirituality, Parish Life, Social Concerns, Board of Education, Faith Formation and Building and Grounds. It also works in cooperation with the Parish Finance Council and has a liaison appointed from the Pastoral Council to the Finance Council.