By Deacon Bill

This Weekend, we begin a continuous reading of Mark’s Gospel (Cycle B) that will carry us through this segment of the Liturgical Season of Ordinary time.

Today, the very first thing that Jesus shouts out is that the Kingdom of God is at Hand. That the Kingdom is a call to repentance, and that the Kingdom of God is already here.

In last week’s Gospel of John, Andrew and Another, approach Jesus, and ask, “Where are you staying?” Jesus then offers them the most wonderful invitation by responding, “Come and See”. Come and see what He is all about.

Today, Jesus takes the initiative in “calling” His first disciples. He calls Andrew, Simon, James, and John. They will become part of Jesus’ most intimate circle by saying, “Drop your nets and follow me, and I will make you fishers of men”.  Mark then goes on to tell us, that they left their fishing immediately.

This Sunday’s gospel seems to be told with a great sense of urgency and immediacy. It is obvious that Jesus is a person of action and these events occur in rapid succession. Today, the Kingdom of God is here and now.  Time is of the essence. The time of fulfillment is at hand for all of us.

I wonder, how might our lives be different if we more fully shared this sense of immediacy of God’s Kingdom? How we would then live our lives and make different choices while listening to God’s invitation?

So, drop your nets, and really follow our Lord. Answer Jesus’ call, and help our Lord change people’s lives. That is what Jesus’ call does to people. It changed people two thousand years ago, and it changes people today. Remember, the people who hear His call and follow Him end up changing their part of the world. So, follow our Lord and your lives will never be the same again.