Corpus Christi Sunday Website

Processional Information

All parishioners of all ages are invited to a Corpus Christi processional on June 2, 2024, following the 11:30 am Mass. This faith community procession bonds us together in the affirmation that we believe that Jesus Christ is fully present, Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity, in the Eucharist. The processional will process around the neighborhood and end back at the church.

Processional Route

The route will start in the Church and exit the north doors, proceeding to 72nd Street. We will continue south towards Ashworth and stop at our first Altar on the corner of 72nd and Ashworth. After prayer and song, we will continue east on Ashworth, towards 68th and stop at our second Altar. After prayer and song, we will continue north on 68th, processing towards the athletic field on Woodland Avenue where we will stop for prayer and song at Altar 3. After this prayer time, we will journey back to the Church through the parking lot and end with Benediction in the Church. The Knights of Columbus will have golf carts for those who need assistance. You can download a map here.

Please stay afterwards, sharing your experience with others while the Knights of Columbus will be providing a meal.