By Emily Schmid

It’s amazing what sunlight does for our bodies. After living in Arizona for 7 years, my body became accustomed to almost perpetual sunlight. So during my first winter back in Iowa, I found myself sad, lethargic, and sleepy. After taking vitamin D supplements, I was back to my bubbly self in no time, however, every winter since, I’ve had to take precautions to ensure my body stays mentally and physically healthy during the limited sun.

Just as amazing as the sun is for our bodies, the Son, Jesus Christ, is amazing for our souls. I find it beyond coincidence that “sun” and “son” are homonyms. On the Third Sunday of Easter, we proclaim through the Psalm, “Lord, let your face shine on us” (Psalm 4). Another way the psalm proclaims this is, “O Lord, let the light of your countenance shine upon us! You put gladness into my heart.” Whenever I read this psalm, I imagine myself on a beach or next to a pool with the sunshine streaming down on my face, except it’s the face of Christ providing the light, rather than the sun. It sometimes seems an odd image to me, but it is the reality of our faith. The face of Christ radiates his love, joy, and mercy onto all of us at all times. We genuinely bathe in the light of Christ whenever we encounter Christ, especially through the Eucharist. If you’re ever feeling sad, lethargic, or down, I suggest you go “Son” bathing in the presence of our Lord. You will feel uplifted and rejuvenated without the normal effects of burning.