By Deacon Bill Richer

Throughout the years serving as a Youth Minister, Deacon, and Catechist, it was always important for me to teach our young people about the paschal mystery. We might be surprised to hear that most of the time our students always thought that the paschal mystery principally contained only the passion, death, and resurrection. Most were surprised to learn that core doctrine of the church, Christ’s work of redemption, also includes Jesus’ glorious ascension.

Our church teaches that Jesus Christ came on earth to carry out His Father’s plan of salvation for all of us. Having fulfilled His Father’s will, He returned with His risen glorified body to take His place of honor in Heaven as God and Man. Before taking this last step in the process of salvation, Jesus solemnly commissioned His Apostles and successors, to bring the good news to all men and women.

Today, as we celebrate Jesus’ Ascension, let us look up to Heaven and see Christ ascending to His Father. Let us say from our hearts, a solemn “Thank You” for having received the faith of Christ, which gives us a full explanation of life and death. Pray that we all may be found worthy to receive our inheritance with our Lord. Please remember, Jesus’ Ascension to the Father is the prelude to our entrance into God’s everlasting Kingdom.