St. Francis of Assisi Nursery

Our goal is to create a safe, loving, Christ-filled environment for the children of the parish. St. Francis uses a combination of paid staff and volunteers to provide loving, competent care for young children. The nursery can accommodate children ages 3 months and older (age range and maximum occupancy depends on program).

Childcare is available during the 9:30 and 11:15 Sunday Masses, as well as most Adult Faith Formation events, church programs and special occasions. Childcare is arranged by event. Please check the event details or with the event coordinator to find out if the nursery will be available. Should demand and interest warrant it, childcare may be expanded to other Masses in the future.

Childcare for Sunday Mass


Childcare for parish event

Requesting childcare for an event

General Information and Policies

Drop off and Pickup

Parents/guardians are asked to sign in and sign out their child from the nursery. Please notify staff if anyone other than the parent will be picking up the child. Older siblings are not allowed to pick up.

Please leave your cell phone on silent so you may be contacted in case of an emergency. If your child is hurt while in the care of staff, an incident report will be filled out and given to you. If a child becomes sick while in our care, you will be notified to pick up your child. If your child is inconsolable after 20 minutes, staff will notify you.

Please pick-up your child immediately after your event has ended.

St. Francis of Assisi Nursery

Policy for Sick Children
In order to ensure a clean, healthy environment, we ask that you keep children home if they have any of the following symptoms:

  • Fever (Child should be fever-free without medication for 24 hours before returning to nursery)

  • Unusual fatigue or Irritability

  • Coughing/Croup

  • Vomiting or diarrhea (any time within the previous 24 hours)

  • Inflamed or sore throat

  • Contagious diseases, including rash, cold sores, pinkeye, lice, etc.

  • Heavy or colored nasal discharge

Nursery staff assist in this effort by following strict hygiene procedures and washing and disinfecting toys on a regular basis. If your child develops symptoms while in the nursery’s care, you will be called to come and pick up your child.

Food/Snack Policy
To provide a safe space for all children, we do not allow families to bring in outside snacks. The exception to this rule is formula or breastmilk. During longer sessions (over 1 ½ hours), the nursery may provide a snack (Cheerios or Goldfish crackers) in the adjoining room. The nursery is designated as an allergen-free zone. If these snacks are unsafe for your child, please let the nursery coordinator know prior to the event.

What to Bring
Please bring anything your child will need while in the care of the nursery including diapers, wipes, bottle or sippy cup and a change of clothes. Clearly label everything with your child’s name. Do not bring personal belongings such as toys or anything of value unless it is needed to ease your child’s transition. Items left behind can be recovered from the lost and found box by the Mass Coordinator’s station.

Nursery Staff/Volunteers
The St. Francis nursery staff is made up of a combination of paid staff and volunteers. A minimum of two childcare providers must be present in the nursery at all times with at least one being a trained staff member over the age of 18.

Paid staff must be 18 years or older to apply. Duties include guiding children through play, snack, faith activities and prayer as well as light cleaning. New hires are required to take a VIRTUS online class provided by the Diocese, attend a nursery orientation and have a background check before performing childcare duties. The parish will also provide training or compensation for CPR and first aid certification. Parents with young children are encouraged to apply and can bring their children with them to their shift. We ask for a one-year commitment but hours are flexible.

Looking for service hours or want to help our parish nursery? Volunteering may include playing with the children, helping the nursery staff, cleaning and other duties. Volunteers must be in 6th grade or older and attend a nursery orientation class. Volunteers over 16 will also be asked to complete the VIRTUS online training class.

The nursery is continually seeking donations. We will accept clean, gently-used, like-new toys that are appropriate for ages 0-5. We also accept games and activities appropriate for school-aged children.

Please make sure that all the pieces required for the toy/game to work are included. We cannot accept stuffed animals or items with fabric parts, toys that are broken or contain toxic materials, toys that have corroded battery parts or toys that have been recalled for safety issues. Cash donations or gift cards to buy new toys are also welcome! Additionally, the nursery has an Amazon wish list if you would like to make a new donation.

We will also take donations of classic Cheerios or original Goldfish crackers for snack time. Thank you!

Please contact Rebecca Bahl, nursery coordinator, at or 515-223-4577 ext. 132 with any questions or if you're interested in working or volunteering in the nursery.