The Rosebud Program “Blessing Bouquet” is part of Elizabeth Ministry International. According to their website:
“The Rosebud Program “Blessing Bouquet” is a beautifully unique way to show respect for the dignity and worth of all life. This program helps a church identify, pray for, and support those who are pregnant, celebrating birth or adoption, grieving miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion, infant or child death, wanting to become pregnant or adopt. It can also offer support to grandparent concerns, and those facing troubled times.”

The small table under the Saint Clare banner in our Gathering Space holds a basket of silk rosebuds and a beautiful vase. All are invited to stop by and select a rosebud that coordinates in color with your specific prayer request. Those requesting prayers are welcome to fill out an information tag, although this is not required, and affix it to the rosebud of your choosing. Say a silent prayer for your special intention and place the rosebud in the vase. On the fourth Sunday of every month, our Blessing Bouquet will be included in the presentation of gifts displayed at the foot of the sanctuary during the weekend Masses and, as a community, we will pray for all of the rosebud intentions. The Blessing Bouquet will start fresh each month, so visit often and share your prayer requests. We will also offer a list of outside resources to support those in need of prayer.

Additional Opportunities

Additionally, St. Francis of Assisi is excited to announce an expansion of the Rosebud Program “Blessing Bouquet” to enhance the support offered to our parish family! Each color coordinating with a specific prayer request will have a specific weekend during the year in which those intentions are highlighted during Mass to build further awareness. Infancy and Child Loss will be the first expanded prayer request highlighted during Mass on the weekend of November 6/7. Masses this weekend will include the presentation of a white candle reading “Infant and Child Loss” to represent all the children lost to miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion, or death during the last year. Infancy and Child Loss will also be specifically included in the Prayer of the Faithful. Please join us this weekend in praying for the children we have lost and the families who mourn them.

Rosebud Program Calendar

Those Being Prayed For Connected Liturgical Date Weekend Observed Event
Infant/Child Loss November 2 (All Souls) November 6/7 1. Candle for infant/child loss present with remembrance candles

2. Those who lost children in the last year will be remembered in the Prayer of the Faithful

Pregnancy March 25 (Annunciation) March 26/27 Parents will be invited to participate in a Blessing of the Child in the Womb and/or Blessing of Parents before Birth
Mothers (by birth or adoption) May 8 (Mother’s Day) May 7/8 1. Blessing of mothers at all Masses

2. Prayer for mothers at the Prayer of the Faithful

Waiting to Conceive or Adopt May 31 (Visitation) May 28/29 Prayers for those waiting to conceive or adopt in Prayer of the Faithful
Fathers (by birth or adoption) June 19 (Father’s Day) June 18/19 1. Blessing of fathers at all Masses

2. Prayer for fathers during the Prayer of the Faithful

Parents in Troubled Times August 27 (St. Monica’s Feast) August 27/28 Prayer for parents going through troubled times with their children during Prayer of the Faithful
Grandparents September 11 (Grandparent’s Day) September 10/11 1. Blessing of grandparents at all Masses

2. Prayer for grandparents in Prayer of the Faithful