Stop by the Parish Office and introduce yourself to us, or reach out to us below. Let us know how we can better serve you as you continue on your faith journey.

Parish Staff Title Phone Extension
Fr. Ray McHenry Pastor Ext. 109
Fr. Mark McGeary Associate Pastor Ext. 107
Deacon Bill Richer Pastor Associate Ext. 110
Paula Courter Director of Operations Ext. 112
Sue Kirkhart Parish Receptionist Ext. 134
Sheila Timmerman Administrative Assistant Ext. 100
Emily Schmid Director of Liturgy & Music Ext. 106
(vacant) Newcomer & Volunteer Coordinator Ext. 105
Katie Evans Communications Coordinator Ext. 131
Rebecca Bahl Communications Assistant Ext. 132
Communications Bulletin Requests
Monica Lihs Human Resources Coordinator Ext. 114
Debbie Muse Accountant Ext. 113
Pam Danzer Bookkeeper Ext. 135
(vacant) Special Needs Ministry Coordinator Ext. 155
Jon Aldrich St. Francis School Principal Ext. 160
Gretchen Watznauer St. Francis School Assistant Principal Ext. 153
Heather Gunson St. Francis Preschool Director Ext. 116
Heather Rohe Faith Formation Administrative Assistant
Ext. 121
Vivian Day Director of Adult Faith Formation Ext. 104
Christy Peletz High School Faith Formation Coordinator Ext. 103
Lisa Schmidt Director of Faith Formation Ext. 156
Erica Schieffer EDGE Coordinator Ext. 163
(vacant) Elementary Faith Formation Coordinator Ext. 154
Jill Klubek Alonzo Early Childhood Faith Formation Coordinator Ext. 158
Heather Gunson Kids Care Director Ext. 314
Megan McPherson Kids Care Assistant Director Ext. 314
Nursery Coordinator Nursery Coordinator
Diane Nitzel IT Support
Ext. 336
Dominic Muse IT Intern Ext. 336
Mario Lastro Facility & Maintenance Coordinator
Milan Leka Janitorial Staff
Jadran Kovacevic Janitorial Staff
Kevin Sindergard Janitorial Staff
Enrriet Dumas Janitorial Staff
Maria Figueroa Janitorial Staff